Giselle Weybrecht

I create, collect and share tools to engage individuals in sustainability issues. While I explore it from multiple angles, my work has focused on two. First, I help business schools mainstream sustainability to ensure graduates are fully prepared to make this business as usual. Second, I use chocolate to engage consumers in understanding the impacts behind their purchases with the aim of supporting a more sustainable cocoa industry. Increasingly my work combines the two. I write books, articles, speak, teach, advise, create and, above all, share interesting ideas.


Here I share some of the work I have been doing over the past few decades related to mainstream sustainability into business schools globally in particular around the SDGs.


Sustainability is a common focus of all of my work. Here I share some resources for those interested in learning more about the topic, both personally and professionally.


As a certified chocolate taster and maker with a healthy obsession for hot chocolate, I use cacao to raise awareness about sustainability and sustainability to highlight quality chocolate.

What's New?

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