Sustainability is a part of everything we do every day. My work involves exploring innovative ways to mainstream sustainability, whether that is at work or at home. I have worked on a diverse set of projects for businesses or all sizes, not for profits and international organisations. I started my own sustainability journey very young, as a youth delegate to the United Nations, before going not to work for several years at UNESCO on water and sustainability and then on to the UN for many years. Today I work as an independent consultant and advisor to several businesses, not for profits and international organisations and am the author of several sustainability books and articles. 




GOWI (Get On With It) is an online learning platform with a range of short, 5 minutes courses on different sustainability topics.


The Sustainable MBA

This book provides an overview of sustainability and business with a focus on the individual business disciplines.


100 Sustainability Days

Take the 100 Sustainability Days Challenge to make your new sustainability habits stick.



Sustainability Documentaries

A list of 100 plus sustainability documentaries to watch now (regularly updated).


A Simple Guide

A simple guide to making more sustainable choices as a consumer.


Discussion Questions

A list of discussion questions per chapter/discipline for use with The Sustainable MBA Book.


Using Online Games to Engage in Sustainability

A list of online games focused on raising awareness about different sustainability topics and available free online.

Get in Touch

Interested in developing new innovative approaches to sustainability? Have an interesting approach you would like to share? I’d love to hear from you.

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