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In 2005, I left my work at the United Nations to pursue an MBA at London Business School with the plan of using it to change the way that business approached sustainability. While there, disappointed by the lack of sustainability content in the business school curriculum, I started a project on how to change that. This resulted in my first book, The Sustainable MBA used by businesses and business schools globally still today. I continue to work with universities, business school networks and businesses in order to push this agenda forwards. I was a Special Advisor to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education for many years and the recipient of the United Nations Pioneer Award for my work. My aim is to influence, inspire and share innovative approaches that engage students, staff, faculty and alumni in these topics, regardless of their job.


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My Books


Future MBA

This book and ongoing project explore how to rethink management education to make it more relevant and impactful.


The Sustainable MBA

This book provides an overview of sustainability and business with a focus on the individual business disciplines.


Mainstreaming Sustainability

Exploring if, why and how business schools are mainstreaming sustainability.


Sustainability Reporting

Over a decade studying and advising on business school sustainability reports globally.



Engages business students in short sustainability projects (virtual and in person) that benefit small community organisations.



A selection of additional resources on sustainability more broadly.

Organisation I’ve Worked With

TedX x Warwick

Why business school is key to making sustainability happen

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