ProjectS connects current university students with a strong interest in sustainability with organisations in the community looking to get more engaged in the Sustainable Development Goals. The projects are suitable for individuals, teams or whole classes of students and can be tailored based on interest. They are of variety duration and are (currently) unpaid. There are a mixture of in person (Perth Australia) and virtual projects.

If you are a faculty member with students interested, or an organisation looking to find students to help work on sustainability related projects, please contact me. Projects can be used for credit or volunteer experience. 

Upcoming Projects

Julius (MBA)  helped a local not for profit switch from disposable picnicware to reusable including anwyslis of sustainability impacts of different options, identifying sellers and negotiating a special deal. 

Katarina and Kirsten (MBA) students conducted a thorough waste audit of a local not for profit including staff and customer interviews and developed a baseline and next steps for the organisation.

Miriam (MBA) did a survey of the local community to identify where parents of small children could recycle different items locally and created an online resource guide to help parents to do so.

Josefina (MBA) developed a marketing strategy for an online educational platform focused on sustainability including assisting in the development of a new course on Modern Slavery in collaboration with experts. 

How To Participate


Look through current projects or submit a request

Take a look at the upcoming projects list below and see if anything is of interest or get in touch to see what we can find. 


Students are not paid for their work but walk away with experience, references and connections for post graduation. 

Individual, small group or class

Projects can be adapted and used as internships or classroom activities. 

Supported by Experts

Students are not paid for their work but walk away with experience, references and connections for post graduation. 

Virtual or In Person

Projects can be undertaken in person (depending on your location) or virtually with current projects open in Australia for students anywhere in the world.

Participating Schools

Get in Touch

Interested in taking part? We’d love to hear from you.

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