Sustainability Reporting

I have been analysing business school sustainability reports for over a decade now, in particular those submitted to the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (SIP). In addition to authoring the current SIP Guidance documentation for the UN and being part of the advisory committee exploring the future guidelines for reporting, I have coordinated the peer review process for the UN’s annual reporting Recognition of Excellence for the past decade. I am interested in how these reports are put together, how they are organised and what this communicates about a school to its readers. My aim is to identify interesting approaches highlighted within the reports and disseminate these widely to inspire other schools. Since 2015, I have been specifically focused on exploring if, and how business schools are reporting on their engagement in the Sustainable Development Goals.  

I regularly share examples from these reports in my newsletter Giselle’s List. 

Business Schools Reporting on the SDGs (recent)


Business Schools are embracing the SDGs- But is it enough? – How business schools reporting on their engagement (based on data from 2015-2020) International Journal of Management Education January 2022


How Management Education is Engaging Students in the Sustainable Development Goals (Published July 9, 2021, International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education)


A Summary of Approaches to Reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals based on the 2018 Sharing Information on Progress Reports


How to Write an Impactful Sustainability Report: Article over at AACSB aimed at increasing the quality of business school sustainability reporting. January 2022


Ten things that are missing from business school reports in relation to the SDGs (UNPRME, 2019, two part article)

Report Feedback

I regularly review and provide feedback on sustainability reports as well as coordinate peer review groups to support the reporting process. For more information please get in touch. 

Sustainability Reporting

I developed the Basic Guide on the Sharing Information on Progress Report for the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education which gives advice and recommendations and how to approach the reporting process as well as tips from schools around the world.  

  1. Commit: Exploring why you are reporting and how to get the most out of the process
  2. Collaborate: Identifying and engaging key internal and external stakeholders
  3. Collect: Determining what information and data to collect, and how to collect and analyse it
  4. Create: Designing a report format that works for you
  5. Communicate: Sharing and using your report
  6. Continue: Keeping track of achievements, goals and targets in between reporting periods, through a process of continuous improvement

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