Mainstreaming Sustainability

A lot of my work involves exploring how we can mainstream sustainability into business education at all levels. I approach this from various angles but always with a focus on how to make it relevant and useful to your audiences. For ten years I shared my thoughts on my blog in collaboration with the UNPRME called PRiMEtime, in a regular column with AACSB and articles in other publications. Today I share best practices on my blog Giselle’s List

Sustainability and Management Education (recent)

Opinion Piece

Business Schools need to get serious about sustainability. Too many institutions are not living up to their own green rhetoric. Here’s a four point plan to change that.

Financial Times, January 18, 2022


Business education and the SDGs: A critical look at whether and how schools are engaged, what is missing and how to move forwards (based on data from 2015-2020)


From challenge to opportunity – Management education’s crucial role in sustainability and the SDGs – An overview and framework (July 2017, International Journal of Management Education


Giselle’s List

Every Monday I share a carefully curated list of ideas and resources focused on mainstreaming sustainability into higher education.


An overview of how business schools are mapping the SDGs and what they are mapping.


Recent (2021) paper on how management education is engaging students in the SDGs in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education

The Future

What will, what should the business degree of the future look like?

Specific Guidance (selection)

How I can help


Lectures and Training

Speaker at events, faculty training and lecturer on various sustainability topics. 


Conducting multi-stakeholder research on various sustainability topics in relation to management education and beyond.

Strategy Development

Advise on a school’s sustainability strategy in particular how to communicate and engages stakeholders.

Content Development

Writing articles or reports on sustainability related topics.


Guide and give feedback on a range of initiatives moving forwards.


Get in Touch

Interested in developing new innovative approaches to sustainability? Have an interesting approach you would like to share? I’d love to hear from you.

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