The Chocolate (and Sustainability) Talk

While audiences may not want to sit down to a talk about climate change or modern slavery, everyone is willing to talk about chocolate.   With my Chocolate (and Sustainabilty) Talk, I use chocolate as a way to engage audiences about sustainability challenges while also raising awareness about the specific challenges that the chocolate industry faces. 


Considering how much chocolate we all eat (some much more than others), many chocolate lovers know surprisingly little about what chocolate is, where it comes from and why that’s important. They are also unaware of how the cocoa industry impacts and is impacted by all 17 of the SDGs.

This interdisciplinary talk brings together my extensive knowledge and experience in the separate fields of sustainability, management education and chocolate. It can be tailored to any audience, big or small, young or old. Scroll down for more.

Talks are available globally, either in person or virtual (local tasting boxes can be organised for virtual tastings as well).

Who is it for?

For a company

Add this to a corporate retreat, sustainability training or professional development for staff. The talk can focus in on some of the issues most material to your business and strategy or provide a broader introduction to sustainability. It finishes off with tips on how to bring sustainability into your own work.


In the classroom

The talk can be tailored to any discipline. For example, within a marketing class we will dive into marketing focused sustainability challenges within the industry. This can also be combined with an assignment or a consulting activity with a maker.


For any group

If you are looking for something a little lighter, we focus in on the chocolate itself and the tasting, exploring the impact you have on s sustainability issues as a consumer and how to choose and taste the best chocolate.

For an event

The content can be organised for professional events and conferences either as a keynote or side event, with information tailored for the particular audience and theme. This can also be combined with a field trip to visit a chocolate maker.


This 1-3 hour lecture includes (tailored to your needs)

An introduction of what chocolate is, how it is made and where it comes from.

An overview of sustainability issues faced by the cocoa industry.

A chocolate tasting features local bean to bar chocolate makers including tips on how to be an expert taster.

Suggestions on how to be a more responsible consumer, with chocolate and other products you buy.

How this connects to your own job/studies/future career/industry.

Depending on time, relevant group discussions and activities can also be included.

The Tasting

The tasting boxes include some carefully selected chocolate samples from local chocolate makers in your community. Tasting these samples at specific points throughout the lecture helps bring the lessons to life. 

It is also an important opportunity to support local chocolate makers in your community who are supporting a more sustainable cocoa industry. Chocolate will be chosen based on your location highlighting makers in your city or region. 


Examples of past events

Talk for 80 staff at the Catholic Education Board with a particular focus on Modern Slavery. Each participant received a tasting box with chocolate from local makers including Elements, Sue Lewis and Cailo.
One hundred participants of a major UN Global Conference in New York City to tour Raaka Chocolate and learn about their approach to sustainable sourcing.

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